Wolfenstein for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Wolfenstein has been published by Activision and costs $56.99. Since the early 1980’s Wofenstein has been a hit with gamers. This game has seen many iterations of 2D and 3D versions. The game revolves around the Nazi obsession with the occult and the battle against it. The action has epic proportions, the enemies are ferocious, supernatural and the fights with them remind you of classy action movies.

The environment is unique and with a great choice of weapons and amazing multiplayer options this franchise has taken a leap in the right direction. As far a first person shooters go, there are few games that match this one. Your character is B.J. Blazkowicz. You are a member of the O.S.A and a highly decorated one at that. On a special mission to investigate a new power in the Nazi’s possession you penetrate the Third Reich.

You find that the Nazi’s have not just developed a new weapon but are harnessing the power of the “Black Sun” which resides in “The Veil.” The Nazi’s aim to find supernatural weapons and soldiers that will win them the war. More than a WW2 game this game is about the supernatural and about dark science.

You can choose how you play. Follow standard mission, take requests from the local resistance or play multiplayer – it is your choice. The game has enemies that are unique and unpredictable. The combat is epic and the environment unique. The weapons at your command are Allied, Axis and experimental Nazi weapons. You get to play the classic Wolfenstein with an addition of the Occult in it.

If you want to engage in action gaming of an epic era, of epic proportions in an epic game and want to do it a with sci-fi supernatural twist then this is the game for you.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Transformers has been a hugely successful film. This game is based on the story of the battle between Transformers and Decepticons. The battles are intense and fufll of pressure. There is a wide range of Transformers to choose from. You can pick them based on their personality, ability and weapons. This is the first time you can fight online in multiplayer mode as either Transformer or Decepticon.

As you enter the game, you realize that Megatron’s defeat is not the end of the Decepticons. A mysterious space object is likely to turn the tide in favour of the Decepticons who are appearing all over the Earth in large numbers.
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Fuel For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Racing against time, against the elements, against yourself. Racing is in your blood like the fire in your soul. Add some fuel to the fire. In FUEL for the Xbox 360 5000 square miles is your game area where you race to your hearts content. This game is a revolution in multi-terrain, multi vehicle racing. This game has no boundaries and the competition is intense.

As you go on road and off, race on two wheelers and four, you will feel the thrill of racing to the extent you can on a console. Conquer mountains and arid canyons on FUEL. Many areas in America are almost inacessible due to global warming in an alternate present.
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Velvet Assassin For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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This game has been developed by Replay Studios based in Hamburg. This experience of single player gaming is immersive and haunting. The stealth action genre is redefined as you play this game. This game is inspired by Violette Szabo, world war 2 heroine. Gamers will see combat much differently from the way they have seen it so far.

Violette Summer is born an Englishwoman. She has a happy childhood. The outbreak of the war sees her join the weapon industry. She quickly gets noticed by MI6 and is recruited by them as an agent. After losing her aunt in a Luftwaffe bombing attack, Violette also loses her husband. Her pain helps her to carry out various successful missions before being captured.

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Prototype for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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In Prototype you play Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer is the Prototype. He has powers to shapeshift – fight, destroy and deceive. You can assume the perfect disguise, turn your body into biological weapons and more.

As you walk through New York like a shadow, looking for the life you once knew, you can shapeshift into anyone in your path. Your identities are manyfold and you use these to confuse your enemies and kill them. Your mask is mankind itself.

As you fight a secret war who have complicated goals and who are bent on killing you you realize that they are not just your greatest enemy but also a key to your past. As you confront those responsible for your sorrow, you make them pay.
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Damnation for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Dramatic action, third person shooter style. With a huge steampunk inspired environment Damnation lets you fight with a variety of unique weapons. As you command vhicles and climb walls, you find a way to stop totalitarian power from being in the hands of industrialists. As you keep pace with Rourke – a war veteran who is now a member of the Peacemakers – a guerrila army you face William Dean Prescott. Prescott is a hugely powerful man who wants to become the dictator of an empire.

The story has many complicated facets. As it opens up before your eyes, you realize that Rourke is still looking for his fiancee and son who went missing during this war. There are many interesting characters in the mix. These include native healers as well as seers who have unique abilities. You have special vision with which you can see through walls.

The environment is rugged and detailed. There is a huge area to explore and exploit. There is a number of movements you can do. You can run, duck and drive a burly mobike. You have to shoot in the middle of other actions to survive. With amazing 3D graphics and an iconic feel this game with its distinctive weapons, vehicles and structures is a blast.

You can campaign on your own or in exciting multiplayer modes. The cost of this game for the Xbox 360 is $56.99 only.

Ninja Blade For the Xbox 360 Review

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Ninja Blade is set in 21st century Japan. The enemy is a virus that mutates humans into vicious creatures. Ken Ogawa, a modern day ninja has the task of saving Tokyo and humanity as well. From the teeming skyscrapers of Tokyo, it is Ken’s job along with his team of ninjas to destroy the savage creatures and bring order to Tokyo. Ken is betrayed from within his ranks and soon has to fight alone.

His weapons include the Ninja Vision and Todome. The odds are seemingly insurmountable and must be overcome to save Tokyo. To win, you need to use Ninja Vision and Todome in a clever, calculated way. Choice is the greatest weapon in your hands. True Ninja masters have access to the Ninjutsu which can stun enemies using electrical force.
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Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Street Fighter IV is available for a price of $59.99 on Amazon. This fighting series has been legendary and is now better than before. The fighting moves are loved and the techniques are fantastic, these have been combined with next gen technology.

All that made the original Street Fighter a big success in dorms, living rooms and arcades is back in Street Fighter. The characterisation is brilliant. All the classic characters are there – Ryu, Ken et al. There are also a number of newer characters Abel, Crimson Viper, El Fuerte, Rufus and more.
More...The rendering of characters is in stylized 3D. The game play is six-button gameplay. The special moves that have been added are highly imaginative and special. The locations are breathtaking. With the new gameplay elements, newcomers as well as seasoned game players will enjoy this game.

This game is worth the $59.99 if you are a fan of street Fighter or if you love action per se. It is recommended for its classic action mixed with modern technology.

Race Pro for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Professional car racing can’t be practiced by everyone. Yet, the thrill of the experience calls and those who wish can experience professional car racing at its finest on the Xbox 360. This is the ultimate racing simulation in breathtaking detail. There are a number of cars you can race with. The championships include the WTCC, Formula 3000 and Formula BMW. There are 13 race tracks across every continent.

In this game you will experience every detail of car racing. From the handling to the bursts of acceleration, this is only second to the real thing. You will find yourself immersed in the world of car racing, of course, minus the danger. The cars here include Aston Martin and Saleen as well as Audi R8 and Dodge Viper SRT10. This, perhaps is the best racing simulation around.
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Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Fans have been waiting for Fable 2 with bated breath. More than 3 million copies of the original had been sold. The story is epic in scope and character and is set 500 years after the original Fable. The open world environment offers a lot of freedom to the gamer.

You will find yourself immersed in this game, your choices choose how the game will progress – each game played is very different from another. You can choose either a male of female character and will grow up differently based on your choice. You can also get married and have children.  Read more