Dead or Alive 4 For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Dead or Alive 4 is available for the Xbox 360 through Tecmo at a price of $29.99 only. This impressive fighting game features great quality action and fantastic visuals. Xbox live allows for online play. You will find competition worth the play at any time.

With new characters, moves and abilities this game is an improvement to other games in the series. There is no reinventing of the wheel however. Smoother, faster and more tactical, the gameplay is refined to a high degree.
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Viking: Battle for Asgard For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Viking: Battle for Asgard is available through Sega of America, Inc at a price of $59.99. This warfare game involves Norse mythology, swordfights and swinging swords. This story is set in Norse legend. It is written by Rhianna Pratchett who was behind Heavenly Sword.

Norse mythology is among the most interesting in the world and with this offering you are likely to dive deep into the mysteries of the Norse warrior psyche. The protagonist in the game is Skarin. He is killed by the forces of Hel, who is the ruler of the underworld. Resurrected by Freya, the goddess of love Skarin fights for the good of humanity to save it from Armageddon.
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Dark Sector For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Dark Sector for the D3 is available for the Xbox 360 from D3 at a price of $59.99. This third person action game is well coated with horror. This game has online multiplayer mode in addition to its other modes. Dark Sector is similar to Gears of War as far as game mechanics go.

One of the modes is dubbed infection. One random player plays as Hayden here. This superagent is a mutant with superpowers. The other players control human soldiers with regular weapons and they try to kill Hayden. When you kill Hayden you become him. In the multiplayer Hayden has a number of powers. The soldiers in response have a proximity mine that they can blow up Haydens face with if he gets too close.
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Fight Night Round 3 For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Fight Night Round 3 is available for the Xbox 360 at a price of $27.99 from Electronic Arts. This game has an advantage over earlier versions of this series in that the control mechanics are brilliant. You can test your skills against boxing legends.

The Xbox 360 features amazing player models. The sound effects are so realistic that you will feel it when you hear a guy get hit in the fact. There are some negatives to this game as well. The structure required in career mode is lacking. In addition there is a certain repetitiveness to single player fights
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Skate For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Skate is available for the Xbox 360 from Electronic Arts at a price of $59.99. In the past there have been many skateboarding games. Many of these have been unsuccessful since they were based on the same theme. Skate is a little different from Activision’s game.

I loved the control system of Skate. Most of the important controls are on the two analog sticks and triggers. You get drawn into the game and come out entertained and refreshed as a result. The skater movement is based on the left analog stick and the right one controls the way you move and flip the skatebard.
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Condemned 2: Bloodshot For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot is to be released for the Xbox 360 from March 11, 2008. It is priced at $59.99 and is available for preorder. It is a release from Sega of America. This is one really violent game and deserves to rank amongst the most violent of them. You can go at your rival with meat hooks, toilet seats, bricks, batons and anything else you can lay hands on.

There are four multiplayer modes in this game, each quite different from the other. Up to 8 players are supported online and three multiplayer modes are played in teams. One mode is a free for all deathmatch. The other mode is a team deathmatch. The two other modes are bum rush and crime scene.

The crime scene is the most interesting multiplayer mode in the game. You get to use decapitated heads as clues to track down a crime. The emphasis is on melee combat in this game. There is very low ammo in pistols and other guns. The weapons that are really used are all around.

There are various combos you can use to attack once the subtle movements have been mastered. Light combos, heavy combos, sprint combos and special combos. The multiplayer features of this game are fantastic and overall this is one great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends. Recommended.

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 is available for the Xbox 360 from THQ at a price of $53.99. This game series has way too many features piled up on it. This latest in the series again has new components. However, hardly any of these new components better the game in any manner. Although the gameplay is fun, the many little problems that have been unaddressed really spoil things.

This year “fighting styles” have been added to the set of components already prevalent in the game. Every type of wrestler has certain abilities. In addition there are also secondary abilities available. The various styles include, hardcore wrestlers, showmen, dirty fighters, submission specialists, brawlers, high flyers and technical wrestlers.
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Condemned Criminal Origins For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Condemned Criminal Origins is available for the Xbox 360 from Sega of America Inc. at a price of $22.99. This first person action game was developed just for the 360. The game starts with you investigating a serial killer. The twist in the tale is when you have to battle numerous depraved sociopaths. With hand to hand combat that is heavy on violence this game is for die hard fans of the action genre.

The presentation is great as is the concept behind the game. The gameplay pales a bit in comparision to these, though. Your name is Ethan Thomas (an FBI agent) who is not too happy with life. You get implicated in some serious crimes on a routine assignment. One colleague is the only person who helps him out with back end stuff.
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