World in Conflict: Soviet Assault for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Not ones to rest on their laurels, developers Massive Entertainment are working with Swordfish Studios to bring the genre-defining RTS game World in Conflict to the Xbox 360.

 The first thing that attracts one’s attention when the game opens is its detailed control scheme. Mapping a complex RTS game with its multiple menus, objective lists, unit selection etc. can be a daunting task but Massive Entertainment has done a remarkable job at dumbing down the whole thing to make it console friendly. In the beginning of the campaign mode, all you need is the A button to progress, select units, move and attack.  Read more

Operation Darkness for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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June 24th saw the release of Atlus’ ‘Operation Darkness’ for the Xbox 360.Developed by Success, the game belongs to the horrific strategy genre. It draws on the favorite pulp fiction theme-World War II.

This game definitely packs a punch. Often seemingly ridiculous, it manages to engage gamers in that it is a battle against the world’s favorite enemies-the Nazi’s. Who doesn’t want to kick their ass? Edward Kyle and Jude Lancelot are two British army soldiers who suddenly come under a surprise attack that leaves Edward seriously wounded. Edward is saved by a blood transfusion from a Major James Gallant who also happens to be a werewolf.Surprise, Surprise! With werewolf blood running through his veins, Edward and Jude join the Wolf Pack to fight against Hitler. So you have Hitler and his elite Vampire squadron facing off against Winston Churchill’s special superhuman task force that comprises of werewolves. 

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