Lego Batman For The Xbox 360 Game Review

September 26, 2008 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

Batman is back in Gotham City, but with a difference. So is Robin, and this time they look like they are made of Lego Blocks. The look of Gotham City is awesome and you can play from a number of character models. In story mode, Robin and Batman pursue the alluring Catwoman who is guilty of theft. She has stolen a large pink diamond.

In the other levels you need to team up Mr Freeze with the Riddler and the Joker is teamed with Harley in the Carnival level. After these three levels you unlock free play, you can play any character of you choice. You can go through levels changing characters as you go. Some locations can only be accessed by specific characters. Read more

Warhammer: Battle March For The Xbox 360 Game Review

September 14, 2008 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

Real time strategy is here in its newest avatar as Warhammer: Battle March. However, the controls are not the best there are. This game is much like it’s predecessor on the PC. The fussing over the gamepad kills the enjoyment, though. This game could have been the trendsetter in tabletop warfare if not for the unwieldy controls. You can play as the evil Hordes of Chaos invaders, the Empire troops or Greenskin tribes.

There is deep and thorough attention to detail. However, there is a lack of depth in the campaign. Linear missions involving scenarios like guiding the army, buying reinforcements, getting troops blessed at temples, buying magic swords etc. The stories are not well developed. Aside from the opening clip that is stunning, the mission introduction is bland.

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