Warriors Orochi 2 Review

October 12, 2008 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

Orochi 2 is a continuation of Orochi and a new game in this hack and slash series. Over the years you don’t see much of a change in the gameplay. It is much the same. The gameplay is repetitive to the extent of being painful. I wish there was more innovativeness in this game. Characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors are found together in this game, even though they are so separated by time.

Orochi plans to take over the region and the Japanese and Chinese warriors unite to stop him in Warriors Orochi. In Orochi 2 – story mode, you can choose from 5 stories. These act as prequels. The stories are unimaginative and terrible. Static characters and lame dialogues combine to turn this into one boring game.
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