Ninja Blade For the Xbox 360 Review

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Ninja Blade is set in 21st century Japan. The enemy is a virus that mutates humans into vicious creatures. Ken Ogawa, a modern day ninja has the task of saving Tokyo and humanity as well. From the teeming skyscrapers of Tokyo, it is Ken’s job along with his team of ninjas to destroy the savage creatures and bring order to Tokyo. Ken is betrayed from within his ranks and soon has to fight alone.

His weapons include the Ninja Vision and Todome. The odds are seemingly insurmountable and must be overcome to save Tokyo. To win, you need to use Ninja Vision and Todome in a clever, calculated way. Choice is the greatest weapon in your hands. True Ninja masters have access to the Ninjutsu which can stun enemies using electrical force.
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Street Fighter IV for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Street Fighter IV is available for a price of $59.99 on Amazon. This fighting series has been legendary and is now better than before. The fighting moves are loved and the techniques are fantastic, these have been combined with next gen technology.

All that made the original Street Fighter a big success in dorms, living rooms and arcades is back in Street Fighter. The characterisation is brilliant. All the classic characters are there – Ryu, Ken et al. There are also a number of newer characters Abel, Crimson Viper, El Fuerte, Rufus and more.
More...The rendering of characters is in stylized 3D. The game play is six-button gameplay. The special moves that have been added are highly imaginative and special. The locations are breathtaking. With the new gameplay elements, newcomers as well as seasoned game players will enjoy this game.

This game is worth the $59.99 if you are a fan of street Fighter or if you love action per se. It is recommended for its classic action mixed with modern technology.