Prototype for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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In Prototype you play Alex Mercer. Alex Mercer is the Prototype. He has powers to shapeshift – fight, destroy and deceive. You can assume the perfect disguise, turn your body into biological weapons and more.

As you walk through New York like a shadow, looking for the life you once knew, you can shapeshift into anyone in your path. Your identities are manyfold and you use these to confuse your enemies and kill them. Your mask is mankind itself.

As you fight a secret war who have complicated goals and who are bent on killing you you realize that they are not just your greatest enemy but also a key to your past. As you confront those responsible for your sorrow, you make them pay.
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Damnation for the Xbox 360 Game Review

April 7, 2009 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

Dramatic action, third person shooter style. With a huge steampunk inspired environment Damnation lets you fight with a variety of unique weapons. As you command vhicles and climb walls, you find a way to stop totalitarian power from being in the hands of industrialists. As you keep pace with Rourke – a war veteran who is now a member of the Peacemakers – a guerrila army you face William Dean Prescott. Prescott is a hugely powerful man who wants to become the dictator of an empire.

The story has many complicated facets. As it opens up before your eyes, you realize that Rourke is still looking for his fiancee and son who went missing during this war. There are many interesting characters in the mix. These include native healers as well as seers who have unique abilities. You have special vision with which you can see through walls.

The environment is rugged and detailed. There is a huge area to explore and exploit. There is a number of movements you can do. You can run, duck and drive a burly mobike. You have to shoot in the middle of other actions to survive. With amazing 3D graphics and an iconic feel this game with its distinctive weapons, vehicles and structures is a blast.

You can campaign on your own or in exciting multiplayer modes. The cost of this game for the Xbox 360 is $56.99 only.