Fuel For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Racing against time, against the elements, against yourself. Racing is in your blood like the fire in your soul. Add some fuel to the fire. In FUEL for the Xbox 360 5000 square miles is your game area where you race to your hearts content. This game is a revolution in multi-terrain, multi vehicle racing. This game has no boundaries and the competition is intense.

As you go on road and off, race on two wheelers and four, you will feel the thrill of racing to the extent you can on a console. Conquer mountains and arid canyons on FUEL. Many areas in America are almost inacessible due to global warming in an alternate present.
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Velvet Assassin For The Xbox 360 Game Review

May 4, 2009 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

This game has been developed by Replay Studios based in Hamburg. This experience of single player gaming is immersive and haunting. The stealth action genre is redefined as you play this game. This game is inspired by Violette Szabo, world war 2 heroine. Gamers will see combat much differently from the way they have seen it so far.

Violette Summer is born an Englishwoman. She has a happy childhood. The outbreak of the war sees her join the weapon industry. She quickly gets noticed by MI6 and is recruited by them as an agent. After losing her aunt in a Luftwaffe bombing attack, Violette also loses her husband. Her pain helps her to carry out various successful missions before being captured.

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