Condemned 2: Bloodshot For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Condemned 2: Bloodshot is to be released for the Xbox 360 from March 11, 2008. It is priced at $59.99 and is available for preorder. It is a release from Sega of America. This is one really violent game and deserves to rank amongst the most violent of them. You can go at your rival with meat hooks, toilet seats, bricks, batons and anything else you can lay hands on.

There are four multiplayer modes in this game, each quite different from the other. Up to 8 players are supported online and three multiplayer modes are played in teams. One mode is a free for all deathmatch. The other mode is a team deathmatch. The two other modes are bum rush and crime scene.

The crime scene is the most interesting multiplayer mode in the game. You get to use decapitated heads as clues to track down a crime. The emphasis is on melee combat in this game. There is very low ammo in pistols and other guns. The weapons that are really used are all around.

There are various combos you can use to attack once the subtle movements have been mastered. Light combos, heavy combos, sprint combos and special combos. The multiplayer features of this game are fantastic and overall this is one great way to enjoy an afternoon with friends. Recommended.

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