Dead Rising For The Xbox360 Game Review

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Dead Rising is available for the Xbox 360 from the publisher Capcom. It costs $29.99 on Amazon. Capcom has a history of games on Zombies. The Resident Evil series from Capcom has been a moneyspinner for them. Capcom is not connected with Resident Evil in any way, though.

Dead Rising is pure action, to do with killing zombies which are killed easily, though there are so many of them. Dead Rising manages to make good entertainment of the killing of zombies theme and is very playable. There are some structural faults and repitition which weigh down the excitement of the game.

You get to be Frank West who is a freelance photojournalist whose career has been about war and stories of atrocity. A small town in Colorado has been blocked off and sealed by the military with communications cut off too. Frank flies into town on a helicopter and lands on a mall thinking of it as the story of his career.

What happens next is that he finds the city full of zombies laying the city to waste. The game is also about uncovering the truth through a series of case files. Over the game Frank meets a number of survivors who can be friendly or unfriendly.

Through the game Frank morphs from a guy with no combat experience to a frighter. Frank has to click pictures of scenes periodically.

This game is one of the games on the Xbox that is both enjoyable and different. The variety is tremendous. If you dig horror flicks buy this one.

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