Fable 2 for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Fans have been waiting for Fable 2 with bated breath. More than 3 million copies of the original had been sold. The story is epic in scope and character and is set 500 years after the original Fable. The open world environment offers a lot of freedom to the gamer.

You will find yourself immersed in this game, your choices choose how the game will progress – each game played is very different from another. You can choose either a male of female character and will grow up differently based on your choice. You can also get married and have children.                

Interestingly, early in life, a stray dog comes your way, who has to be taken care of. The dog proves your best friend and helps you in a number of ways. You get to fight using a variety of weapon as well as magic. The weapons include swords, guns and crossbows. Strategy plays a major role in the game.


In multiplayer mode, other players come into your world as well. Rumor has it that the online co-op mode will be introduced as an update shortly after the release of the game. Fable 2 is available for the Xbox 360 at a price of $53.99 on Amazon.com.

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