Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom For The Xbox 360 Game Review

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Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom is a Microsoft Release for the Xbox 360. It is priced at $58.99. Strategy elements are sacrificed in this offering that is pure action roleplaying. The story diverges from the gameplay and the action gets boring at times. The online version is a little better.

The story is inconsequential to the real core of the game. You can choose from 5 characters to control with a sixth that can be unlocked. Sleep in this game is an opportunity to enter a dreamworld which is familiar to fans of previous games in this series.

There is a lot of hacking and slashing at enemies, many of whom are very interestingly designed. At its peak, it is fun to hack and slash hordes of enemies. The negative part of this is that it is so formula driven. There is no refinement in the game.

The camera is jittery and this is very irritating. The levels are cramped. and sometimes all that is visible is a jumble of geometry.

Apart from the action, there are some nice ideas that are not well put into practice. Firing a weapon diminishes stamina, which can be replenished by waiting or consuming potion. You can spend points on luck as well. There is a cooperative mode to this game which is not available offline. The art direction is pretty decent.

Although this game is amusing in bits and pieces, overall it is too formula driven and the design flaws are considerable. Not Recommended.

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