Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition For The Xbox 360 Game Review

January 24, 2008 | Filed Under Game Reviews | No Comments

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition is available for the Xbox from Activision at a price of $27.99 on This game spans galaxies and dimensions with more than 20 unique heroes you can play as. There are many villains from the Marvel comics as well as other characters. Marvel fans have a lot to marvel at in this offering.

There is a new supervillian coalition brought together by Dr. Doom. The action begins with an attack on a SHIELD helicarrier which is quickly defended by a coalition of superheroes. The game then proceeds as the superheroes pursue the villains through dimensions throughout the universe. This game is full of villains.

The heroes in the game are Captain America, Spider Man, Wolverine and Thor. As you proceed you get more heroes to choose from. The scenarios are so varied and this is part of the fun of this game. The detail in the visuals is lacking though. In addition the sound design is uneven.

Your Hero’s stats like health and energy increase as you progress, though in the beginning they are fixed. Defeating opponents gives you cold hard cash that you can put to good use. There is a lot of smashing done in this game. Experience points are a fun distraction.

If you revel in the universe of Marvel Comics, and want great action and a great storyline with great characters in one game, you must buy this one. Must. Must. Must.

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