Wolfenstein for the Xbox 360 Game Review

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Wolfenstein has been published by Activision and costs $56.99. Since the early 1980’s Wofenstein has been a hit with gamers. This game has seen many iterations of 2D and 3D versions. The game revolves around the Nazi obsession with the occult and the battle against it. The action has epic proportions, the enemies are ferocious, supernatural and the fights with them remind you of classy action movies.

The environment is unique and with a great choice of weapons and amazing multiplayer options this franchise has taken a leap in the right direction. As far a first person shooters go, there are few games that match this one. Your character is B.J. Blazkowicz. You are a member of the O.S.A and a highly decorated one at that. On a special mission to investigate a new power in the Nazi’s possession you penetrate the Third Reich.

You find that the Nazi’s have not just developed a new weapon but are harnessing the power of the “Black Sun” which resides in “The Veil.” The Nazi’s aim to find supernatural weapons and soldiers that will win them the war. More than a WW2 game this game is about the supernatural and about dark science.

You can choose how you play. Follow standard mission, take requests from the local resistance or play multiplayer – it is your choice. The game has enemies that are unique and unpredictable. The combat is epic and the environment unique. The weapons at your command are Allied, Axis and experimental Nazi weapons. You get to play the classic Wolfenstein with an addition of the Occult in it.

If you want to engage in action gaming of an epic era, of epic proportions in an epic game and want to do it a with sci-fi supernatural twist then this is the game for you.

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